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Mentor Resources

Executive Board Contact Info

Executive Board

Mijin Cho & Elysia Lin | Senior Advisors

Kush Savsani & Shreya Arun | Co-Directors

Ananya Udyaver | VP of Volunteerism

Hakinya Karra | VP of Outreach

Vineeth Vaidyula | VP of Education

Junior Executive Board

Vaishnavi Nemani

Contact us at!

Official Volunteer Log

The Original flavor baby. Sign up for ALL PECS volunteer opportunities here.Follow all instructions on the tabs. Select the correct sheet for the current Semester on the bottom tabs.

Mentor Debrief Form

Complete this form EVERY TIME you finish meeting one-on-one with a mentee.

Mentor Meeting Checklist + Bootcamp Workflow

(TOP) A simple guide to follow when holding 1-on-1 meetings.

(BOTTOM) Step-by-step guide for mentors to follow for every day of the bootcamp

Here’s our repository drive for all our past essays!

This is a great resource to point mentees to if you need example essays.

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